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Reflective Dog Harness and Leash Set

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You want to be able to safely walk your dog without choking them? Of course you do! Tired of crazy drivers not seeing them? Worry no more!

Imagine being able to take your dog for a walk without the stress of worrying about them not being seen by oncoming cars! Or worse yet slipping free from an ordinary leash!

Now you can! This is EXACTLY why we’re giving away a limited number of our soft safe reflective harness and leash sets for ONLY $14.99 and FREE SHIPPING!

If you’re anything like us, you love your dog as much as you can love any person (in a lot of cases more). Now you can rest assured knowing they are safe and secure in their new reflective harness while strolling the streets.

We’ve only got a few of these popular reflective harness and leash sets left at this amazing price. You don't want to miss out. Click on ADD TO CART to get yours today!


🐾 Safe and Secure Harness

🐾 Reflective 

🐾 Multiple Colors and Sizes

🐾 Leash Included


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